Avoiding the Different Types of Hearing Loss

Few people realize it, but hearing loss is very common not just among adults but also among children and basically for anyone regardless of their age. People usually start to lose their sense of hearing gradually and not instantly at the blink of an eye. Some people may also experience irreversible hearing impairment that cannot be remedied at all.

Having yourself checked by a doctor should be the number one priority when there are obvious and not so obvious signs of hearing problems. The hearing specialist will first and foremost try to localize the hearing problem and determine where the problem is originating from. Once the problem is found out, if an appropriate hearing treatment exists only then can it be given to the person.

Not many people know this, but there are in fact different types of hearing loss and not just one kind. The hearing loss type depends heavily on where the affected area of the hearing pathway is. Some form of hearing loss can be impossible to cure with current medicinal technology, but some types are.

People who cannot properly transmit sound from the outer and middle ear part to the inner ear is said to be suffering from conductive hearing loss. Conduction problems from the outer ear, to the middle ear into the inner ear are considered a type of conductive hearing loss. Medication, surgery can usually take care of this type of hearing disorder, but if not, there are always hearing aids that can help manage the problem.

From one of the easiest types of this loss to treat, we go now to Sensorineural hearing loss which is one of the most difficult and challenging type of hearing loss. This disorder most likely involves damage to the inner ear section where the hair cells, cochlea, nerves are located and perform crucial hearing tasks. When it comes to hearing, the most crucial parts are within the inner ear like the cochlea and these are also the parts that can easily be damaged.

Another weird medical condition is what is called central ths loss, and is a problem within the central nervous system and not the parts of the ear. Men and women who have this form of hearing disorder are known to hear normally but have problems in in processing and interpreting the sounds all around. Controlling Cortexi the environment and making sure there is as little sound as possible is the only way to treat this form of disorder.

Believe it or not, emotional problems and psychological problems can also take a person’s hearing away, this condition is called functional hearing loss. It may be out of this world, but something in the person’s mind is blocking and making the person not hear things, all the while having normal hearing. One of the biggest worry with this disorder is not being able to correctly figuring out that this is the condition the person has and not something else.

A person is said to have mixed hearing loss, when he or she has both conductive and sensorineural this loss at the same time in one or both ears. There is nothing different with mixed hearing loss, as conductive hearing disorder can be treated. But the problem with sensorineural loss is most likely permanent for now, until new advances in medicinal technology can find a cure for it.

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